Things Discovered While Job Hunting: My Encounter By Having A Craigslist Fetishist

Things Discovered While Job Hunting: My Encounter By Having A Craigslist Fetishist

A couple of months ago, I put on a task on Craigslist. That isn’t from the ordinary. A writing is run by me company and see the writing ads on Craigslist with regularity. My interest is piqued when I run into adverts searching for fiction authors. “You suggest you wish to spend us to compose fiction?” my brain that is eager asks. “Yes, please!”

The ad I found was a bit…interesting in this case. It went similar to this:

I will be thinking about having a brief tale written, about three to five pages in total, the idea being truly a twenty- or thirty-something professional woman whom wears high heels regularly despite putting up with base dilemmas. The style might be person that is 3rd into the types of “chick lit.” It may additionally be person that is first within the form of a web log entry. What exactly is a “day into the life” like of a lady who willingly sacrifices comfort therefore the wellness of her legs for excruciatingly gorgeous footwear?

To say an security didn’t set off during my head screaming “Weird” towards the top of its warbley lung area is, needless to say, a lie. But being the hopeless journalist I applied anyway that I am. We thought hey, perhaps this person is attempting to make use of a social media slant for offering shoes. Or possibly it’s said to be for a site that is women’s publication by having a funny undertake “the things we do for beauty.” Ends up, I must have trusted my instincts.

My application apparently impressed. A guy reacted saying I seemed ideal for the job. He desired to know very well what approach i’d decide to try this tale. We shot straight back a response that is quick i really could reveal a retail worker whom wears incredibly stylish footwear to create a little bit of glamour to her time. Apparently, he adored this concept and wanted to talk via IM.

Luckily for us, I’d currently Googled this person at the same time. Of course, i did son’t react to his final e-mail or consent to a talk. I did so the closest thing to operating far from a person online possible: ignore, ignore, ignore.

So, just what did my crafty* Googling arrive?

To start with, a Twitter account dedicated to shoes. Especially, “sexy” shoes. He made many replies that are ladies asking exactly what footwear these people were using if they’d invested the big bucks of shoes.

I’m speaking footwear fetish, right here. Rather than that cutesy, “oh I love to purchase footwear therefore I have a shoe fetish” thing so people that are many to hand out. I mean an actual deal, genuine footwear fetish. Unfortuitously, that is not where this whole tale stops.

Evidently, this person does not simply love super high heeled shoes. He loves shoes that produce women’s feet hurt. I’m sure the footwear themselves are mighty interesting, however the fact which they create a woman pain give him undeniable pleasure.

High heel shoes are not enough. They should harm, too.

*Okay, so that it wasn’t crafty. Just typing in a true title, actually. At the least he ended up beingn’t hiding their kinks.

Worse, it is loved by him whenever ladies have actually bunions. He also asked females on Twitter when/if these people were having surgery that is painful their painful bunions. This led us to uncover the account of some other author whom discovered a similar advertising he’d posted months early in the day and who’d taken this thing a step further: she really published him an account. From her account, it wasn’t a poor experience, and whom have always been we to guage? I simply got weirded out with all the possibility of experiencing to talk to this person.

That he didn’t just want a story written (that it seems he would’ve actually paid for) but he wanted that conversation because it seemed very much to me. The lead as much as the final result ended up being quite definitely an integral part of the feeling. I might have already been expected questions regarding my footwear, then my legs, then any defects my feet had. I would personally have already been expected for pictures. And I just couldn’t handle that.

Don’t misunderstand me. I’m no prude. I’ve taken a stab at erotica and would again write it. But this simply wasn’t my thing.

By the end of your day, this person desired a relationship with whomever ended up being composing their stories, even in simply an fictional way. And you, it is possible to avoid making yourself (or your feet) a person’s fetishistic target to some extent while you can’t control what people think of. It sort of allows you to like to protect your system in a wool scarf, does not it? Damn, some body out there’s most likely into that, too.

Thank god i did son’t mention I used to dance while having real world, non-imaginary (albeit, tiny) bunions.

Perhaps you have encountered oddness while trying to find work? Share your stories below!

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